Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America

It's only fair to share...Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America
Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America
Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America
Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America
Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America

The plethora of hair styles open to women started to grow because the world joined a brand new century in 1900. The Victorian Age was drawing to some close, the car was emerging, providing people with a lot more mobility, along with a general feeling of limitless options pervaded society. All this gave a brand new impetus to making hair styles that expressed a far more open and positive feeling.

1900-1910 Hair styles Time of Transition

This decade saw a transition in hair styles, in the more limited types of the Victorian times to looser, larger hair styles. Strangely enough, both lengthy and short styles were popular, with longer, free-flowing hair gradually attaining more converts because the decade advanced. Volume was the theme that went through the majority of the popular hair styles, no matter hair length. Longer hair styles featured hair separated in the centre (having a noticeable part), and lengthy wavy tresses hanging underneath the shoulders. Shorter hair styles generally started round the ears and ‘poofed’ up within the mind in a number of updo styles, frequently locked in place with barrettes and embellished with bows, or large, wide hats.

1910-1920 Hair styles – Waves & Add-ons

Because the 1900s moved in to the 1910s, hair styles began served by a focus on lengthy hair which was either pinned in elaborate updos, or made wavy and flowing. Hats and bows were progressively popular add-ons. Nonetheless, within the mid-1910’s, a ocean change happened that will affect women’s hair styles for many years. It was rapid bob haircut.


Because these very short styles caught on and taken America, the plethora of elegant hair styles for formal occasions and nights out around town reduced. The main focus moved as to the women place in their head of hair. Typically the most popular accessory would be a headband, frequently embellished with fancy beads and stitch-work designs. One hair do that acquired lots of recognition (plus some prestige) was known as “curtain hair.” This required parting short hair styles lower the center, then letting your hair fall across a headband worn around the center of the mind, just over the ears. For additional elegant hair styles, women frequently built ringlet curls all across the headband, or added jeweled hooks.

1920-1930 Hair styles – Footloose & Fancy Free

The 20’s would be a decade of enormous social alterations in America. Women got the authority to election, a global war had just ended, hard liquor was banned, and also the economy was flourishing as industry leaders emerged. A distinctive amount of time in a brief history of hair styles, the 20’s saw the birth from the ‘Flapper’ era, outlined by women with very short hair, bold new styles, along with a lighthearted attitude.

First observed on famous ballroom dancer, Irene Castle, the ‘Castle bob’ taken the country within the late 1910s and early 20s. Versions sprang as the 20’s advanced, a direct result ladies who started feeling their wild oats and experimentation with newly found liberties of expression.

Formal hair styles within the 20’s were frequently restricted to the very short styles which were very popular then. To compensate for this limitation, a lot of women made a decision to put on wide-brimmed hats with elegant designs and bands. They used their head of hair in quite simple styles consequently. Whenever a hat wasn’t practical for the formal event, women frequently used curls and small-updos to intensify hair styles which were constructed from rather plain-searching everyday styles.

The occasions always impact styles and hair styles, no matter the era. In only 30 years, from 1900-1930, America went from very conservative styles because the Victorian times was ending, towards the wild-eyed, lighthearted times of short Flapper hair styles. Which proves that you can’t really take a look at current hair styles and the latest fashions making anything further than an outrageous guess regarding where things come in a couple of years. We’ll have to wait watching.

Popular Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America

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